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best organizational apps

The 7 best organizational apps to help you regain work-life balance

Managing the many challenges of our daily lives can be overwhelming. From time management and budgeting to staying connected with peers and mentors, it can often feel like everyone but you got a magic QR code of “in-the-know” resources (and when you Google for those resources, all you get is the standard, boring set of the recommended apps).

Thankfully, we don’t settle for boring here. We’ve done our research to give you an updated list of the best apps that give you more organization (plus time back) and offer the best in form, function and flexibility.

The best apps for organization

So what are the best apps for staying organized? True to the Polywork ethos, many are built for collaboration and sharing your skills, interests and accomplishments. Let’s dive in.

The best apps for notes and project management


While you can use Anki, a powerful flashcard app, to effectively retain any and all information, such as learning a new language, or practicing for an aptitude test during the hiring screening processes. It’s also great for sharing with peers — easily create a shared deck of flash cards to make a comprehensive resource of course materials, key concepts and important facts. You can even customize your Anki decks with images, audio and video–creating a fun, collaborative experience that fits your group needs. Additionally, users can track their progress to see how well they retain information, and peers can share feedback and offer suggestions for improvement.


Easily convert your handwritten notes and brainstorm materials into editable digital documents you can access anywhere with CamScanner. Stay organized and productive while sharing documents with peers who may have different note-taking preferences.


Many of you may already use Notion to organize notes and stay on top of deadlines. Notion is taking it to the next level, leaning into AI and giving you wiki-style project management tools that can pay-off big time, especially in the fast-paced tech sector. While the easy sharing capabilities of this cloud-based tool can serve you while collaborating, you’ll find it can be a great help when entering into any new role or project. Compile your ideas, notes, projects, activities and more in a personal database that can be easily shared.

The best community building app


It can be hard to find ways to authentically connect with others when you don’t fit neatly into one box or another. Thankfully, there are more opportunities than ever to share, connect, and collaborate with others who share your interests. Polywork helps you showcase your best self through an array of simple work-life highlights that you can update in minutes. Better yet, you’ll be able to find (and be found by) the people who are also bursting the who-I-am-is-not-what-I-do bubble every day.

The best personal growth apps

Habit Tracker
Habit formation can be a make or break skill — and this aesthetically pleasing app can help anyone reach their goals. Designed around the idea that it takes a community to establish and stick to habits, this app allows you to set group goals with your friends or peers for accountability and healthy competition.


It can be difficult to balance work and life–especially when dealing with competing deadlines. But Owaves can help you find time to do the things you need to stay well. The visual calendar tool manages not only schedule meetings, but also dedicated time to play, flow and relax. Plus, strike up a “My Moai” network to share your clock and goals and cultivate a community to help you live better and stress less.


Between social activities and eating out, spending money goes a lot quicker than you think. Knowing your finances is a big part of personal growth — thankfully budgeting apps like Buddy can help you stretch your dollars more efficiently. Not only can you create your own visual budget and easily track your expenses, and if you happen to be sharing expenses with another person, a budget and split purchases.

Using time-saving apps for a better (personal) future

Remember: You don’t have to do it all on your own. As life gets more complex, technology can help ease the burden, both helping you organize and maintain accountability from your peers and mentors. From time management to community building, use these selected apps to stay organized and focused as you realize all of your professional and creative goals.