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freelancers on Polywork

How these talented freelancers approach their Polywork pages

As remote and flexible work has edged its way into the mainstream across countless industries, more people are freelancing than ever before. It’s unsurprising then, that on Polywork—a space designed to help all kinds of people with all kinds of jobs connect and collaborate—“freelancer” is one of the most popular badges.

Of course, that label is broad. Some freelancers are looking to design beautifully curated websites. Others are seeking to help companies hone their images with cohesive branding. Some want to photograph stunning editorial shoots, while others are looking for outlets to publish their technical writing.

Here’s how a selection of skilled freelancers make the most of their Polywork pages, leveraging connections and getting their names and work out into the world.

Let your (Poly)work speak for itself

Kennyatta Collins is a photographer based in Miami. He takes on all kinds of projects, and expertly uses his Polywork page to illustrate that. Along with an easily accessible link to his official website, his profile also includes a portfolio that showcases his past ventures, highlighting his range and displaying how he can photograph a fashion show with as much flair  as he can his passion project on Miami’s skateparks.

Kennyatta's Highlights in Polywork

Keep others up to date on your side projects

Many freelancers like to keep several balls in the air at one time, and Polywork is a great place to keep track of them. Take Tabs Fakier, for instance. Tabs is a web developer and designer who works full time for the Australian National University, but still has the time and energy for some freelance work on the side. By keeping an up-to-date list of the projects they’re working on, plus linking out to their Twitch page where collaborators can see streams of their codes and designs in real time, Tabs’s profile demonstrates all that they’re capable of handling.

Promote yourself (and your online portfolio)

Freelancers uniquely understand that while occasionally a job will fall into your lap, more times than not, securing a gig requires you to be proactive. Hasnat Raza, a marketing graphic designer for JourneyHero, uses his Polywork page to do just that. By pairing a succinct post with a well-designed graphic that clearly lists his services and price ranges, Hasnat is marketing himself and his abilities to the Polywork world.

Hasnat Raza - Marketing Graphic Designer, JourneyHero
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Connect with others

A network of individuals that truly spans the globe, Polywork is the perfect place to make and keep connections with others in and beyond your industry. Just look at Dee Hoch, a Virginia-based self-development and empowerment coach. Her podcast, “What Lights Your Fire,” is designed to introduce listeners to people they typically wouldn’t come into contact with, and she has connected with many of her podcast guests through Polywork, tagging them in each podcast post to stay connected.

Dee Hoch - Have you found your purpose? Ready to inspire others?
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The best way to use Polywork as a freelancer? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

Whether it’s connecting with others or putting your best foot forward in your profile, the best way for freelancers to use Polywork is to just dive in. Use your page to tell your story, showcasing the work you’ve done, the work you’re doing, and the work you’re more than capable of.