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From portfolio to poly-folio: Using Polywork to showcase your unique work

From portfolio to poly-folio: Using Polywork to showcase your unique work

My career has led me down some pretty interesting paths and allowed me to try my hand at many different skills, to say the least I not only feel lucky to have had such opportunities, but also proud to have developed such a diverse skillset.

The problem is though, diverse skillsets aren’t something that most professional platforms allow you to show off. It seems like every platform wants me to put myself into neat little boxes that can be packaged up for prospective companies to gaze upon and decide my worth.

In short, they showcase titles, tenure, and companies when I really want to showcase my work. Here's how Polywork helps me do things differently.

The power of portfolios

For this very reason I’ve never really relied upon any professional platform to tell my whole story. I’ve always had to create my own portfolio to tell that story completely. A portfolio is a great way to put forth the representation of your work that you want folks to see. After all, no one can tell your story better than you!

This solution has worked quite well for me over the years, however, it’s been quite the undertaking to get a portfolio built and constantly have to aggregate all of my content from multiple platforms. When you take into account the number of times I’ve given my website/portfolio a refresh, I’ve spent countless hours building the infrastructure to support showcasing my work when I’d rather spend that time on doing the work I want to showcase.

The power of "poly-folios"

That’s why I was so excited when I first discovered Polywork. Polywork is a professional network where you can share any highlights about your work and hobbies that you’d like. When we think about what a portfolio is, it’s really a collection of highlights from your career you want to share with others.

This helps break down the walls between what your job title is and the work that you actually do. Your job title takes a back seat to the work you actually do.

Your job title takes a back seat to the work you actually do.

I can’t express how important this is to me. Much too often professional platforms are built with the company or recruiter in mind. Essentially a data dump presented in a manner that is appealing only in the search of a job. This doesn’t work when your goal is to create a portfolio of highlights for potential clients, community engagements, or just to show what you’ve been up to lately.

With Polywork I can use Collections to organize my work related to any topic or type of job I may want to pursue. This gives me the flexibility to use Polywork as a tool for many things while still providing me what I need to create highly targeted groupings of my achievements for use in a portfolio or as a resume.

Sharing your poly-folio with the world

Another stand out feature that I’ve come to love from Polywork is the ability to add a custom domain and have a publicly available version of my Polywork profile. Check mine out!

‘Developer Experience’ by Kurt Kemple
View this collection of Highlights by Kurt Kemple. Discover highlights by others and create your own on Polywork. Join the waitlist today.

This is the collection I link to from my business website for folks to see my work. As long as I continue to share my highlights on Polywork, my portfolio will continue to grow. Providing a reverse chronological timeline of my achievements for all to see.

Making your Poly-folio work for you

Another benefit I’m enjoying from using Polywork for my portfolio is that I get opportunities directly from Polywork! Polywork makes it easy to showcase to others what type of work or collaborations you’re open to.

Connection and Collaboration on Polywork
by Cassidy Williams Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote Making memes and dreams... and software June 1, 2021 Hello! I’m Cassidy, and I’m the Director of Developer Experience at Netlify, and an Advisor for Polywork, and an Advisor for Contenda, and a Chief Product Officer at Cosynd,…

I’ve been able to connect with so many amazing people and work some really exciting projects thanks to collaborations through Polywork.