by Tapas Adhikary
April 5, 2022

I am Tapas Adhikary from India. I'm a Content Creator (both articles and YouTube videos), Career Mentor, and an Open Source Enthusiast. For me, a regular day goes by planning and creating content, meeting people virtually, and maintaining and contributing to open source projects. It gives great satisfaction to give back to the developer communities.

All these activities need a tremendous amount of planning, collaboration, motivation, and possible opportunities. After writing 200+ articles, 50+ video tutorials, 300+ mentoring, and countless GitHub pushes over the last three years, I finally needed the ways to,

  • Tell the world about my work and capabilities.
  • Look back and traverse the path of my contributions to the developer communities.
  • Connect to like-minded.
  • Find opportunities to collaborate.
  • Grow by taking part in activities and helping the community with my skills.

That's when I found Polywork, and there has been no looking back since then. In this article, I'll talk about how I am using Polywork to help me with all the ways mentioned above.

If you are interested in finding out more about me and my work, here are the links:

Your Identity and Capabilities

A common question that comes our way is "What do you do?"Of course, we can start explaining what all we do, capable of, and then provide a bunch of social links to support that. But, it is essential to get one single point to let the world know who you are, your skills, what you are passionate to do.

When you set up your profile with Polywork, you highlight all that clearly and professionally. The image below is a snap from my Polywork profile, where you get to know all about me and my social footprints.

Profile Page - Who am I?

We grow with opportunities, and opportunities knock the door by letting others know what you are up to? What are you open to? You can mention the activities you are open to on your profile page. Based on this information Polywork platform makes sure to make your profile available to possible opportunities.

Profile Page - I am open to...

You can also map your profile page with a custom domain. I have mapped my Polywork profile with a subdomain of my website address:

A Career Timeline

Polywork helps you to build a timeline by highlighting your work. You can periodically post about your accomplishments, progress, milestones, all that you care about in a timeline fashion.

You can find pre-existing tags to tag a post on your timeline or can create one for yourself. A timeline journey is a professional and social proof of what you have done and a source of motivation for you when you look back.

As a content creator and open source enthusiast, I publish content and projects for several platforms. It is tiresome to manage all the content and project links in various places to highlight my accomplishments and milestones.

It is very convenient for me to add a highlight about my work the sooner I am done with it. Be it publishing an article on my blog, writing for freeCodeCamp news or CSS-Tricks, uploading a new video, or starting a new side-hustle, Polywork has room for all. Each highlight has its URL link to share with anyone on the internet.


Apart from highlighting professional accomplishments, you can mention and celebrate a milestone. I enjoy doing it and share with my well-wishers.

Milestone and Celebrations

The Collections feature allows you to group your highlights into a collection of your choice. You can create the collections and add relevant highlights to them.


Connect to "The Like-Minded" and Get Inspired

The Polywork feed provides you with the details of what everyone's doing. It is a place to get inspired by every individual's great work. We can take a peek at their profile pages and get connected.

The Polywork feed

The feed page also helps in finding job/role opportunities and possible collaborations and featured tags, people on the Polywork platform. It is very convenient to discover people, content, opportunities based on your needs from the feed page.

Let's Collaborate and Grow

Apart from the timeline, I love the Collaboration feature a lot. You can find collaborators with searches based on the role and interest areas you are looking for.

Find a Collaborator

When someone sends a collaboration request, we get a notification on our profile page. You can choose to accept or discard the request.

Collaboration Request


Overall, Polywork empowers us to represent who we are by creating our identity, what we are passionate about, and our capabilities. It is a single place to capture and find all you are looking for.

It is a new kind of professional network to represent yourself with your story and connect with people by inspiring from their stories.

That's all for this article. Are you on Polywork yet? Use my VIP code to skip the waitlist and join the community today.

Tapas Adhikary is Technology Blogger, YouTuber, and Mentor. He has published over 250 articles sharing his decade long knowledge and experience. He is a passionate contributor and maintainer to open-source projects.