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How Polywork helps me as a professional in DevRel

How Polywork helps me as a professional in DevRel

Hi there! My name is Pachi, and if you do not know me, nice to meet you! I work as a Developer Relations Engineer (very similar role to Developer Advocate) and today I am here to tell you why I love using Polywork and how it makes my life easier, especially as a content creator.

Organizing my content

First and foremost, my favorite thing about Polywork is that it gives me a place to keep track of all the content I create, in a timeline and with badges that make it easier to show what type of content each piece is.

As a content creator, I am on Youtube, Podcasts, Streams, and Conferences! Before Polywork I had a really hard time keeping track of it all and even remembering what I have been up to.

But now, it is all in one place, and I actually use it as a portfolio!

Finding my people

Another thing that I love about Polywork is how people can let you know what kind of collaborations and connections they are open to, so when you need new guests for your Podcast, for example, you can use the Find Collaborators tab, and based on peoples choices, it will show you people that would love to be in your Podcast.

This, of course, does not apply to podcasts, there are a variety of options and possibilities!

Last year, I was one of the hosts for the first season of Launchies podcast, a  podcast for early career devs. Half of my guests were people that I found on Polywork, and I probably wouldn't have met them otherwise.

Being found

Last but not least, I have been found there as well! In the same way, you may be looking for people to collaborate on your newest Twitch show, there are other people starting new and cool projects, and they may be needing someone like you to help and collab as well!

I had a great time talking about The importance of communities in Tech with Zeus from Aviyel in a live stream that you can watch on Youtube and that was all possible because he found me on Polywork open to collaborating on Podcasts and Live streams and reached out!

The points I talk about above can be useful to anyone, but especially to the people on DevRel, that are constantly creating new content, starting new projects, and looking to collaborate with the Developer Community, and that is why I consider Polywork a live changer for us!

Of course, there are other social networks where you can find people and make connections, but different from others, Polywork feels like it was made for it and this is clear in the experience you have.