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Introducing Commenting on Polywork

Introducing Commenting on Polywork

We're excited to officially announce the launch of Commenting on Polywork👏

It's been exciting to see so many of you use your Polywork profile to express your unique professional journey with awesome highlights, badges and activity tags—with comments, your Polywork page can now be your go-to spot to engage with your community, share inspiring ideas and build your network.‍

‍Because comments are a such a major addition to your Polywork profile, we want to make sure you have the ability to customize and personalize them as you see fit:

  • Authors can choose to turn on and turn off comments on each Highlight
  • Authors can delete anyone's comment on their own Highlights

We will soon be launching platform-wide anti-spam features that will include the ability for anyone to report a comment. And because we are committed to not introducing systems of stress that encourage unhealthy competition and comparison, we do not display the number of comments on a Highlight.

Let us know what you think of comments, and we hope you enjoy this new feature!