by Isaac Sixtus Chizaram (ZARA)
March 3, 2022

My name is Isaac Sixtus Chizaram, I‘m from Nigeria, Bilingual-Mandarin

I’ve been a Brand Experience Designer for over 5 years now. I currently work with Hovercast, IL USA as an Interactive Designer.

I have professional experience in Web3 Design and a track record in brand communication, community management, and marketing design on a global scale. I ‘m popularly known as ZARA on all my social media platforms because of the personal brand I have built around myself as a designer.


Where have you contributed so far?

As an enthusiastic professional with high creativity, my contributions and experience have varied in different areas of the tech ecosystem. In 2020, I was introduced to the Open Source Community Africa, through the OSCA Fest 2020 and made my first contribution to open source at the Indian Open Source Foundation, where I worked on the brand identity design for the community. Since then, I have grown, contributed, and advocated for several organizations like Linux Foundation, VideoLAN(VLC Media Player), Drupal, Open Source Design, etc

I have previously handled positions in OS organizations as a program committee member for DrupalCon North America, Track Board DrupalCon Europe, SRC DrupalConPortland and various other communities empowering tech in Africa and the world.

Aside from contributing, designing, and volunteering, I am also a public speaker and have given tech/design talks on various home and international events. Amongst these conferences are; Open Up Summit Asia, iMakeFOSS, Friends of Figma Nigeria, FOSSASIA Singapore, FOSDEM Belgium, Coscup RubyConf Taiwan, and among many a Web3 Podcast “Next Creators Podcast”, I have also hosted few workshops at Design/OS conferences around the globe.

How did you transit to Web3?

Making a transition into web3 was not as easy as I had hoped, considering I was already involved in a lot of projects already, but with determination and focus, I have been able to successfully navigate juggling multiple projects by contributing to Human Guild, NEAR Protocol.

How did you juggle these projects?

I manage my projects by prioritizing the work that makes the most impact, starting from the highest priority to the least.

What systems did you implement for yourself?

Well, setting up productivity systems is not easy but I made sure mine are kinda structured and flexible and easy for me to adopt.

What resources did you use?

I use a custom Notion template to clarify, capture, organize and engage my work process.

You can also check out Kurt Kemple’s notion and airtable templates on gumroad.

Tell us about your latest Tech Talk Series on Spaces?

In this light, my goal is to bring more creatives into the space and create a seamless onboarding process for them. This led me to create TechtalkwithZ, a Twitter space program that spotlights various tech professionals and their work to bring Inclusion, as well as encouragement to people in tech or those who have the interest to someday be a part of the web3 and tech ecosystem at large. Featured on this series are people like Adam Bradford, David Morrison, Kurt Kemple, etc.

How do you Polywork?

My Advocacy for Polywork started when I invited the Founder Peter Johnston to talk about how we could use Polywork as a social network to build profiles across communities.

After the event we got 100 folks from the communities a vip access to sign up on Polywork.

What’s that one thing you enjoy about polyworking?

This platform made it easy for me to have a social/professional profile, my skill sets, positions, activities, articles, videos are highlighted on one web page, which is amazing!

Feel free to reach out if want to sign up on Polywork 😉

Want to check out Polywork? You can use this link to skip the waitlist