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Polywork reads: The end of hustle culture, the anti-resume, and AI

Polywork reads: The end of hustle culture, the anti-resume, and AI

Creating your online presence is hard enough without needing to sort through the resources that can help you build it faster. That’s why the Polywork team has scoured the internet to collect the insights content worth your attention and curated with your pursuits in mind, whether professional or personal.

Here, we've compiled some of the most interesting and thought-provoking articles from the past month for your reading pleasure.

Is this the end of hustle culture?

Could the “grindset” mentality, where the pursuit of upward career mobility or increased wages, all at the expense of your time and mental health, be coming to an end? A new article from BBC's Worklife contends that it may be so.

“In the pandemic era, many people are re-prioritising what they want out of work and life: they are quitting toxic workplaces, leaning out, strengthening boundaries and carving more time for personal lives and hobbies. Plus, experts say economic uncertainty and greater awareness of inequality can make both the ideas and language of the rise-and-grind mentality feel outdated and out of touch.”

Source: BBC

Do you have an online portfolio? If you’re a freelancer, you may want to consider one

“Portfolios are useful—48% of freelancers report finding clients via their online portfolio or website. They’re not at all uncommon; based on an informal Twitter poll of 154 people, 58% of freelancers have an online portfolio,” says Contributor Ginny Hogan in an article touting the benefits of an online portfolio for freelancers.

We agree, which is why we’ve been discussing the pros and cons on this very blog.

Source: Forbes

Swapping a resume for a TikTok account worked wonders for this prospective employee

We’re all for rethinking the idea of resumes to stand out, but content creator Nistha Dube took it up a few notches in making the unique decision to swap out her resume with her TikTok account.

“I wouldn't recommend that all Gen Zers take this route, but the nature of the industry and the culture of this startup made me feel confident in my application,” she says of her application to a social media agency, over say, a consulting position.

Source: Business Insider

Can AI help you craft a better resume? The answer is complicated

We’ve occasionally summoned the robots to give us a hand in career advice, but can AI help you write a better resume as well? Here, writer Bryan M. Wolfe puts together an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of using AI to bolster your resume.

Source: Techradar

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