by Astrid Gonzalez
May 17, 2021

I heard of Polywork through word of mouth and social media. I had no idea what it was, I googled it and still couldn't figure it out. All I knew is that it was for multiplayers...

Next thing I knew I was on the Polywork site and bam! I was greeted by bright colors and animations. I clicked through and discovered that Polywork was the answer we have been waiting for. Unfortunately there is a waitlist (last time I checked it was well over 5K). I got lucky and had a friendly encounter with someone who had VIP codes to share that let me join Polywork, cutting down on the long wait I was in for.

The question we have all struggled with at some point is: How do I represent myself online not just as the professional I am but also weaving in the useful skills and roles I have outside of work?

Don't get me wrong- I love Linkedin but it has felt like it is the only alternative to online representation for our professional side. Linkedin is the industry standard and from my experience it gets pushed onto students from high school. Linkedin is a great space to connect with coworkers and others we have collaborated with on projects, but it leaves me wanting more. It feels wrong to post anything other than professional posts and skills on Linkedin. I keep up with my account but posting and interacting don't come naturally to me on this platform the way it does on other social media.

I want a site where I can present myself as the multifaceted human being I am. We all have stories that make us who we are and finding a medium to spotlight them isn't easy online. I have tried a website, but going back to it and updating it is a hassle. I'm sure you have tried different things to create an online presence to find yourself forgetting about it. Polywork may or may not be the solution to the issue but it gives us an alternative to start fresh.

The main thing that makes Polywork so different is not only the layout but since it is growing, the possibilities are endless! They do market the multiplayer tagline from the get go and further elaborate the mission to be the platform that allows people to show off who they are in all aspects of life. Their badges include a myriad of things stemming from professional skills to personal and random such as: Content developer to Blahaj lover, Rabbit Hole Explore and even parental status. These things, no matter how small are significant and influence our skillsets and add to who we are.

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My progress on Polywork so far:

  • Uploaded Profile Picture
  • Uploaded a banner (go check it out here if you're on pc)
  • Listed Main Academic and Work experience
  • Listed things I left off Linkedin

Since Polywork is so new, there really is no expectation as to where the boundaries are when it comes to what should or shouldn't be on there. I have let my creativity and zeal drive this adventure and am satisfied thus far.

What really makes Polywork stand out for me is the dynamic format. My profile page feels like a website. It is aesthetically pleasing, and allows for easy access to posting, adding media and tags to each post.

Recently a new feature, Multiverse, was released- this allows for users to check out featured profiles. This is something interesting since it brings us to explore other profiles and allows us to reach out based on what we see. Unlike Linked in, there is no connections feature, all we get is a contact form and the list of reasons for contacting.

Intrigued? Go over to Polywork and check it out yourself!
Want to check out Polywork? You can use this link to skip their waitlist