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Founders in Polywork

How these 3 founders make the personal and professional shine on Polywork

Founders have a unique challenge — they must be the extremely visible while also being hyper-focused on the vast responsibilities that come with building a successful company. While the formula for success can be honed in on with experience, many tend to struggle with being the vocal, accessible face of a business.

To their credit, there’s been a greater investment in thought leadership across social media, but as those channels become saturated, it will once again be difficult to stand out. And with it, a new barrier to visibility: how do they really showcase their herculean business feats and a genuine view of who they are in equal parts?

We dig into some of the ways founders in Polywork are already doing so.

How founders showcase themselves on Polywork

Here, we wanted to share three examples of founders that have veered away from the elusive viral moment and still uncovered ways to break through the noise, better showcasing more of their accomplishments — and their passions — in the process.

A multifaceted multihyphenate at work

Mike Bifulco spends his days as the co-founder and CTO of Craftwork, but what becomes clear in looking at this Polywork profile is that he’s also a prolific writer on topics that can benefit technical developers to broader concepts such as what “influence” really means today among creators.

Mike's deep catalog of writing for view in Polywork

Above, we see the deep catalog of content that Mike has produced on a consistent clip, which is not only an effective way to share his experience on a regular basis, but bring attention to his new company.

Showcasing the content creation hustle

Cassidy Williams fully embraces the multi-hyphenate definition as a founder, CTO, and advisor, among an endless array of other titles. But what you may not know is that she’s also a prolific content creator, which you can see front and center through her Collections of blog posts and The Dev Morning Show podcast episodes, as we see below.

Cassidy's range of content, showcased in Polywork

Cassidy's presence across multiple channels allows her to share her deep skillset with others, plus the added benefit of growing her personal brand in an organic, authentic way.

And as we see above, she also focuses on the details, creating an engaging bio with a link to her newsletter (by design) directly below.

Putting thought leadership at the forefront

Audiomack co-founder Brian Zisook has a vast knowledge of the music industry, starting companies, and countless other topics. How do we know? Brian has showcased his podcast appearances where he’s talked about topics ranging from artist branding to navigating the entertainment industry.


What’s more, he balances that content with updates on Audiomack’s ever-growing footprint in the music industry in a simple, digestible format to make it easy to keep up with the founder’s passions.