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Polywork personal website builde

Introducing personal websites on Polywork — everything you need to know to get started

It's official! We're excited to announce the launch of Polywork's personal website builder, which will empower anyone to tell their story, build their brand, and for many, make side income.

Below, we wanted to share a quick overview of our new personal website builder. Ready to jump right in? You can get started here.

What's new

First off, a brief round-up of what to expect in Polywork's personal website builder:

  • Our layouts are designer-made, removing the stress about pixel perfection
  • It's flexible to meet your needs, with customizable blocks to tell your story (more on that below)
  • We've enabled AI automation where you need it, so you don’t have to draft your own content
  • We want to make sure we're meeting you where you are, so it's as easy to create and update through the Polywork app as it is on desktop

Get to know: Blocks

As the name implies, our new Blocks feature functions as the foundation of your personal website.

Within Blocks, you can select, edit, and update everything, from the most basic to highly detailed information, such as:

Bonus: Leverage AI automation to get in the personal website flow

We also understand that writing about yourself (or anything in general) can be difficult at times. This is why we've also built in AI automation features into Blocks such as your headline and about me sections, giving you everything you need to build out your site (or at least a great starting place to work from).

Get to know: Layout, Color, & Type

You can now customize the look and feel of your Polywork personal website with different layouts, typographies, and color schemes.

You can quickly preview and apply variations to layouts, colors, and fonts as you determine the best combinations for your site, allowing you to choose and adjust settings in an instant.

Connect or create a domain

It can be tricky buying and configuring your own domain so we made it possible to do it all on Polywork.

You can quickly connect your existing domain or easily select and purchase one of your own on Polywork. Best yet, with Polywork Premium, most domains are free for the first year.

Start building your site...now

We understand that getting started is one of the hardest parts. This is why we've worked hard to remove those hurdles (translation: you can have your own personal website up and running in about five minutes).

Need some inspiration? Here's a few personal websites built in Polywork for your viewing pleasure:

www.volz.me (Michelle Volz: Partner, A16Z)

www.adrianpcarbone.com (Adrian Carbone: Product Manager, x.com)

www.washjay.com (Justin Washington: Product Manager, Apple)

What are you waiting for? Get started on Polywork now.