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Fill the “Who” gap for product designers

Fill the “Who” gap for product designers

Product design is evolving. We now have real-time collaboration with other designers and stakeholders around the world.  What used to be phone calls and whiteboard sessions have grown into something truly extraordinary.

With modern technology, multiple users can all see and update the same file simultaneously in a synchronous fashion, no matter where in the world they are.

There has always been a gap, however, between the technology and the people needed to complete the task. I call it the "Who" gap.

What is the "Who" gap?

The "Who" are those specific collaborators – people with subject-matter specific experience – that one can bounce ideas off of and beta test their designs.

In the past, companies would pay a hefty sum for a specialty finder service to be able to uncover subject matter experts, resulting in high fees and longer durations in the product development lifecycle. That's all changing, and evolving now with Polywork.

Polywork is a vital tool for product designers to help fill the “Who” gap in the equation of finding accomplished collaborators. Need UI advice from someone in the financial space or someone to help with a specific user flow for a new blockchain app? You can find them on Polywork.


A knowledgeable network that evolves with you

What is great about Polywork is that as technology and the collaboration processes continue to advance, so do the folks that make up the network. It helps me discover inspirational people and see what other designers are posting and talking about, with the ability to focus on something that is truly relevant to my specific purpose at the time due to its tagging functionality.

It also gives me opportunities for collaboration and connection with people I normally would never meet, with the ability to make connections on the specific topics that are important to me. Like Gigi (@jujefesko), who asked me for some insights regarding my content creation, or Jennifer Strout (@jenniferstrout), who contacted me to Beta test her new app. Unlike LinkedIn, that seems to be a "look at me" platform, Polywork is about the substance of each post and the "Who" a person is. Another difference is that Polywork also reduces the noise and allows me to present my content in a manner without a distraction to my viewers.

Once the "Who" gap is filled with knowledgeable and passionate people, all these tools and processes become even more powerful and helps reduce costs and time.

Become a stronger Product Designer by using Polywork to connect with people on the bridge to the future with you.