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Polywork personal websites

What's new in Polywork? Even more (and better-late-than-never) December 2023 product updates

For our first product update to kick off the new year (and to add to our previous update), we're here to give you the lowdown on the latest additions and enhancements to our personal website builder released at the end of December. This edition of our product updates include:

More on the latest and greatest updates below!

(Need to catch up on our previous updates? Be sure to check out our Inside Polywork section for the latest from Polywork HQ.)

Timeline view is back

You can now reinstate your Timeline view on your Polywork Page!

Polywork personal website timeline view

For those unfamiliar with this popular Polywork feature, your Timeline serves as a running record of your achievements, both big and small. Now, you can keep anyone who lands on your site up-to-date on your professional successes or new side project milestones.

Choose different Portfolio Layouts

You spoke, we listened! Until today, the only visual layout for your Portfolio was a simple text based list.

Polywork personal website portfolio layout

We just launched two brand new layouts that are a major improvement. You can now display your Portfolio in a Timeline View (more on that above) or Thumbnail View.

Add multiple Portfolios, set default display amounts

You can now add as many Portfolio blocks to your page as you like. This way, you can have a My Talks portfolio, a My Latest Work portfolio and a My Live Streams portfolio (or anything else you'd like!) directly on your page for all to see, while also having the option to choose the default display amount for each Portfolio.

Polywork personal website portfolio layout view

Search & Discover: Back and better than ever

With our updated Search & Discover mode, it's easier than ever to find thousands of professionals available for collaborating outside their 9 to 5.

Polywork personal website search and discover

Finding your next side project partner, podcast guest, or startup advisor (and many more) just got a lot easier.

More details on the new enhancements below.

Search for founders, designers, software engineers, & more

There’s over 300,000 professionals from the best companies in the world like Airbnb, Figma, Coinbase, and Apple on Polywork.

Polywork personal website search and discover

They’re available for everything from partnering on side projects, giving you feedback on your latest app, advising startups, 1-1 advice sessions, and more.

Search thousands of collaborator combinations

You can find people open to all types of engagements: from shorter engagements like giving resume feedback or beta testing your latest app to longer engagements like consultancy, advisory roles or taking board seats.

Polywork personal website search and discover

Use advanced filters to find collaborators

You can now filter professionals by the organizations they have worked at, the location they’re based out of, and their work experience and interests. Finding the perfect partner just got easier!

Polywork personal website search and discover