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How 3 marketers showcase their multihyphenate talents on Polywork

How 3 marketers showcase their multihyphenate talents on Polywork

Building a personal brand is challenging — we’ve talked to everyone from founders to content creators about the hurdles they’ve overcome to growing their online presences or side incomes. What’s been consistent throughout those conversations is the importance of their websites to growing their brands. Simply put, it's a gateway to all of their achievements big and small.

As we’ve begun to do our part to help through the launch of personal websites on Polywork, we wanted to hone in on one group in particular — the marketing x Polywork community — and offer up some online portfolio inspiration in the process.

Why are marketers on Polywork?

Marketing professionals come from varied backgrounds, which can create mixed impressions of their Swiss Army Knife-level talents (i.e., the "Jack-of-all-trades, master of none" stereotype). Some are data-driven, others fall more on the creative side, and even more are so collaborative that their work cannot be quantified by a single metric.

Therefore, many marketers have turned to Polywork to share their contributions to revenue, creative outputs, and other personal and professional highlights — all in one place.

The marketing of marketers on Polywork

Below, we highlight three marketers that are using Polywork’s new personal website builder in slightly different ways, but all with the same goal: to showcase their multihyphenate talents.

Alex Hunter (https://www.alexanderhunter.co)

Marketing leader Alex Hunter uses the Trailblazer template to draw our attention to his headline: a polymath that's experience spans nearly 20 years in B2B and B2C marketing and whose titles include founder and product veteran.

What also stands out is Alex’s use of highlights to show off just a small sample of his accomplishments. That creates a smooth transition to his resume, which is formatted for a digital-first audience, making it as easily digestible on desktop as mobile.

True to his multifaceted portfolio, Alex also provides links to his strategic storytelling course that he launched on Maven.

Pro tip: Not sure how to add a highlight to your personal website? We've got you covered.

Mitali Hobbs (https://mitalihobbs.com)

Integrated brand marketing expert Mitali Hobbs leverages the O.G Profile, along with her extensive writing talents, to summarize all of her marketing expertise and creative interests above the digital fold.

Similar to Alex’s example above, Mitali takes full advantage of the highlights section to summarize a wealth of career achievements across several roles and mediums.

Mitali also takes advantage of her site’s links section to bring viewers directly to her slide deck portfolio across companies and projects.

Pro tip: Here's how you can add badges to your Polywork personal website

Ian Roderick (https://marketingian.com)

Senior marketing leader Ian Roderick is all about first impressions — leaving zero ambiguity in his domain selection as to what audiences will see in his personal website.

Ian’s Interstellar layout (as shown above) is refreshingly straightforward: he thoughtfully sections out his site to create a clear narrative:

  1. What he offers (via his bio)
  2. What he’s done (through his resume)
  3. How he’s done it (a la his portfolio examples)

Lastly, Ian takes advantage of his contact block to make sure he’s emphasizing connections based on his interests, which include speaking engagements, guest lecturing, and writing.

Create a personal website that shows off everything you are and do

Now that we've offered up some inspiration, take our new personal website builder for a spin around the blocks or jazz up your current Polywork page for all to see.

Build a personal website in just a few minutes — get started at polywork.com.